Monday, November 15, 2010

chkdsk on linux ??

So, if your boot log or the out put message of mount is telling you to boot in to windows and run chkdsk for ntfs partition, then do not worry, here is the solution for that. In linux, you can find many cli commands for ntfs partition, the only thing is they should be installed.
Problem Statement: $mount /dev/sda5 /media/folder
boot from windows and run chkdsk .............

If you are getting some error like this then , go to terminal, and

$ntfsfix /dev/sda5

All done, now try to mount the ntfs partition or reboot !!

You can also try many other utilities for ntfs partition by typing $ntfs<tab><tab> it will show many commands, e.g.

ntfs-3g           ntfs-3g.secaudit  ntfscat           ntfscluster       ntfscp            ntfsinfo          ntfsls            ntfsresize
ntfs-3g.probe     ntfs-3g.usermap   ntfsclone         ntfscmp           ntfsfix           ntfslabel         ntfsmount         ntfsundelete

now choose any and run 
$<command> --help OR $man <command name>

$ntfsfix --help  OR $man ntfsfix

But it is really weired to see that linux is telling us to use windows for disk checking.
I hope soon they will change this :)

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